Why we choose beeswax to do therapy?

In the past, due to the limitations of technical conditions, resources (beeswax was used in the past) and knowledge, beeswax therapy did not form a scale and become well-known as acupuncture and massage. As the equipment and means of beeswax therapy have tended to be perfect, and the treatment method has the characteristics of short treatment time, quick effect and long effect, the important thing is that it adopts external application method, so it is more and more favored by patients.

Effect of beeswax therapy

① Warm action

Due to the characteristics of large heat capacity, low thermal conductivity and long heat retention time, the local skin capillaries in the beeswax treatment area are dilated and congested obviously during beeswax treatment. The heat penetration can reach 1-5cm under the skin, and the secretion of local sweat glands is increased, resulting in local sweating. Because beeswax therapy has a strong and long-lasting heat penetration effect, it is conducive to the absorption of hematoma, accelerating the regression of edema, enhancing the phagocytic function of reticuloendothelial system and improving metabolism, so it also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

② Mechanical compression

Due to the good plasticity and viscosity of paraffin, it can be in close contact with the skin. During the cooling process, its volume is reduced, which can produce soft mechanical compression on the skin and subcutaneous tissue, which can not only prevent the exudation of lymph and blood in the tissue, but also promote the absorption of exudates.

Indications of beeswax therapy

Beeswax therapy has strong advantages: first, the curative effect is reliable, rapid and remarkable; Second, the safety factor is large; Third, it is simple and easy.

Because beeswax has good plasticity and viscosity, it is in close contact with the skin and makes the heat effect deep and lasting, so beeswax therapy has a wide range of indications, such as injury and strain, cervical spondylopathy and lumbar spondylopathy Sheath inflammation, periosteitis, joint disorder, joint fibrous ankylosis, scar contracture, circulation disorder, trauma or post-operative infiltration adhesion, arthritis, rheumatism, periarthritis of shoulder, tennis elbow, muscular torticollis, sciatica, chronic pelvic inflammation, finger end sensory abnormalities and pain in cerebrovascular disorders, etc.

Specific implementation of beeswax therapy

Beeswax therapy is to apply the heated beeswax to the affected part, so that the local tissue is heated, the blood vessels expand, the circulation is accelerated, and the cell permeability is increased. Because the heat energy lasts for a long time, it is conducive to the dissipation of deep tissue edema, inflammation and analgesia. This method is simple and convenient, and can also be used in families.

Beeswax therapy is a kind of Cosmetology combining physics, chemistry and biotechnology. The beauty beeswax used has stable physical and chemical properties. It is made by adding beesbeeswax containing a variety of animal and plant active ingredients and some small molecules of phospholipids, fatty acids, sterols, lanolin derivatives and flexible and moisturizing skin methyl salicylate into the beeswax (extremely rich in nutrients), which is incomparable to some cosmetics. First soften the cuticle of the skin, and then through heat conduction and penetration, supplement various nutrients and moisture to the deep layer of the skin, promote cell renewal, tighten the skin, remove wrinkles, and restore skin elasticity. The highly thin beeswax lipid film remains on the surface of the skin and also plays the role of isolation and barrier against external pollution.

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