Why royal jelly is good for brain?

Royal jelly is known very well gradually by the people . Because many people find that royal jelly has a good effect on brain. The reason is that royal jelly contains complete nutrients, and some nutritional ingredients can invigorate the brain and improve intelligence. Therefore, royal jelly is often referred to as a natural advanced nutritional supplement.

M.Dimon, a famous anatomy professor at the University of California in the United States, found in the study of Einstein's brain that the world-famous scientist's brain volume, weight, number and depth of wrinkles were not significantly different from ordinary people. But only the number of glial cells that feed nerve cells, Einstein's was 70 percent higher than the average person. This is where wisdom lies, and the objective and fundamental reason why his intelligence is unique.

In other words, human thinking, memory, and judge ability depend entirely on the number of glial cells in the brain. The glial cells of the brain are the main substances that increase the nutrition of the brain. These cells are derived from a special protein, animal protein. And these “intelligent” protein is composed of a variety of amino acids.

American scholars have pointed out that tyrosine, phenylalanine, leucine, tryptophan and valine are essential amino acids for brain health. Among them, tyrosine and tryptophan are particularly important for brain activity. When these two amino acids are present in high concentrations, they promote brain development and enhance the function of specific nerve cells in the brain. These are all conducive to the conduction of nerve excitation, and can better exert memory and thinking functions.

Royal jelly is rich in protein and more than 20 kinds of amino acids. Taking royal jelly can provide the brain with the main raw materials for the synthesis of glial cells, and also provide nutrition for glial cells. This increases the number of glial cells in the brain and allows the brain to be adequately nourished. Especially the free amino acid rich in royal jelly, bovine mineral acid, also plays an important role in strengthening the brain and improving intelligence.

In addition to improving people's thinking, memory and judgment, amino acids can also effectively regulate the balance of the human nervous system. It can help people eliminate sleep disorders, effectively inhibit cell activity when the brain needs to rest, make people enter a sleep state, and can make people sleep deeply and easily, and quickly eliminate fatigue. When the brain is fully rested, it can operate faster and more efficiently, promote memory enhancement, and improve learning and work efficiency.

It has been proved by the practice of Suzhou Medical College in China that long-term consumption of royal jelly can provide sufficient nutrition for the brain, develop students' intelligence, and improve students' calculation and thinking ability. Especially taking it in exams or under stressful study conditions, it can relieve tension, enhance memory, refresh the mind, and help candidates achieve ideal results.

Royal jelly can promote the development of brain cells and has a good effect in strengthening the brain and improving intelligence. It can not only improve the intellectual development of children, but also has a certain curative effect on children with mental retardation, which can effectively improve the recovery and growth of brain cells.

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