What is natural honey?

With the improvement of our quality of life, honey, as a natural food, is more and more loved by everyone. However, many friends always complain that there are too many fakes and can't buy real honey. We can't deny that the honey market is still quite chaotic, and fakes abound. But do you really understand honey? If you don't know anything about natural honey, how can you know if you're drinking good honey?

Next, let's talk about some of the properties of real honey.

Feature 1: Honey will crystallize.

Pure natural honey comes in two states, liquid and crystalline. For crystals, many people always think that it is honey mixed with sugar. In fact, it is not. Crystallization is a characteristic of honey, which is a normal phenomenon. If you think that crystals are mixed with sugar, then you will never be able to drink pure natural honey.

Feature 2: Real honey looks fake, fake honey looks real.

Pure natural honey is more changeable, it will become thinner in hot weather, thicker in cold weather, bubbles will appear when shaken, and over time, honey will become cloudy and opaque; if a kind of honey is placed there, over time As time goes by, it has never changed, it has always been crystal clear, you have to pay attention, in short, natural honey is not always beautiful in appearance.

Feature 3: The shape and taste of honey are changeable.

Honey is a natural food. Pure natural food can never be the same. Different honey species have different taste and fragrance. Even if it is the same kind of honey, it is difficult to guarantee that it is exactly the same every year, just like the fruit on a tree. There is no guarantee that the size, color and taste are the same. Only artificial synthesis or blending can guarantee the same.

Feature 4: Honey also spoils.

Natural honey will also deteriorate. Many people will say that natural honey will never deteriorate. This never deteriorates is in an ideal state. First, the quality of honey is high enough, and secondly, it is stored in a specific environment, so that it is possible for a long time. Unchanged; honey that never changes, either syrup-blended or processed.

Finally, let's focus on honey crystallization. Most people don't know that honey crystallizes in different situations.

Natural honey itself has two states, liquid and crystal, but everyone knows little about honey. They always think that honey is liquid. When honey crystallizes, it is thought that honey is mixed with sugar. This is wrong. There is no such thing in the world. Uncrystallized honey, any honey will crystallize, but the degree of crystallization of honey is different depending on the type of honey. Some honeys are easy to crystallize, such as linden honey; some are not easy to crystallize, such as locust flower honey; The taste of the honey is related to the quality, the crystallization of the honey is related to the honey species, the temperature, and the maturity of the honey.

We must first understand the principle of honey crystallization:

The principle of honey crystallization: In essence, it is a phenomenon and process in which glucose is separated from honey. From the point of view of molecular theory, the glucose molecules in honey originally move in random order, but when the glucose in honey exceeds its solubility and becomes a supersaturated solution, some glucose molecules in the honey begin to move regularly. It moves and arranges to form a tiny crystal nucleus, which becomes a crystal center. More glucose molecules are regularly arranged on all sides of it, and gradually form larger crystals, which are separated from honey. This is honey crystallization.

From the principle of honey crystallization, it can be seen that honey crystallization is affected by temperature and honey species, so different honey species, at different temperatures, the state of honey crystallization, crystal particle size, and crystal color will be different.

When the honey crystallizes more, the color of the honey crystals will be lighter, and the feeling will be harder to dig; when the honey is stored for a long time, the degree of crystallization of the honey will feel harder; another important factor is Everyone has different criteria for judging the degree of crystal hardness. For the same kind of crystal honey, some people will feel that the crystal particles are fine, and some people will feel that it is particularly hard. This kind of artificial differentiation is really common.

Therefore, honey crystallization is the characteristic of natural honey. No matter what the crystallization state is, its composition, taste and floral fragrance will not change in any way. It is just that the honey does not look so beautiful, but this is the truest appearance of natural honey.

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