What are the types of Bee Pollen?

In the previous article, I mainly explain the origin of bee pollen and the main components of bee pollen. Today I will introduce the types of pollen, Come and learn the types of pollen with me.

Bee pollen has the characteristics of comprehensive nutrition, high concentration and specificity. The color, smell, composition and efficacy of pollen from different bee pollen source plants are different. The range of adaptations of key points, such as poppy pollen contains "thebaine", other pollen does not. The types of bee pollen are mainly distinguished according to the source of the nectar, such as camellia pollen, rape pollen, corn pollen, pine pollen, etc.

Below, I will introduce some types of pollen and their corresponding different effects.

1. Corn pollen

- Diuretic, diuretic, lowering blood pressure, and has a considerable curative effect on human kidney function.

- Prevent prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and treat male diseases.

A large number of experimental studies have shown that corn pollen can promote the development of spleen, bones, lymph nodes and thymus immune organs, enhance the activity of immune cells, and improve the body's ability to fight bacteria and viruses;   and has anti-radiation and anti-cancer effects.

2. Rape pollen

- Known as "the nemesis of the prostate", the earliest drug for the treatment of prostate diseases was discovered.

- Anti-arteriosclerosis, hypoglycemic, || type diabetes patients.

- Men's daily health care.

3. Lotus pollen

- Whitening and moisturizing. Beauty and beauty Freckle Invigorate Qi and activate blood.

- Suitable for those with rough face and those with spots.

4. Canola pollen

- Nourishes blood and strengthens the brain, protects capillaries, lowers blood sugar and blood lipids, and softens blood vessels.

5. Poppy pollen

- Calming and calming, for cough, bronchitis and pain relief, benefit for cancer patients.

6. Codonopsis pollen

- Nourishes blood, strengthens spleen and lungs, and promotes regeneration of bone marrow cells.

7. Camellia pollen

- The amino acid content ranks first in common pollen, and the trace element and blood acid content are also higher than other pollen.

- It can prevent arteriosclerosis and tumors, and pollen is also the first choice for beauty and skin care.

In addition, it can refresh the mind and improve the excitability of nerves. Also has obvious curative effect on hypertension, hyperlipidemia, chronic constipation and neurasthenia.

8. Chrysanthemum pollen

- Clearing heat and reducing fire, calming liver and improving eyesight, promoting skin metabolism, delaying aging, improving skin physiological state and dysfunction.

9. Jujube pollen

- Contains high gonadotropins and vitamins, can restore normal reproductive function, prevent muscle atrophy, and improve fertility.

10. Sesame pollen

- Stop bleeding and relieve dysentery, clear swelling and relieve pain, have a cardiac effect, and can be used as a nervous system balancer and analgesic. Nourishes the mind and invigorates the brain, improves fitness, increases appetite, improves thinking ability, and improves cranial nerve fatigue.

Today, I introduced the classification of different varieties of bee pollen. In an article, I will introduce the consumption method and storage method of bee pollen.

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