What are the applications of bee pollen in health care? Part 1

Today we are going to learn the specific uses of bee pollen for health care and healing

1.Bee pollen can help treat constipation

Pollen is rich in vitamins and a variety of active nutrients, has the effect of regulating the intestines and stomach, can enhance metabolism, promote gastrointestinal motility, and normalize digestive function.

A healthy person has a regular diet and regular bowel movements. At the same time, I don't have a partial eclipse, I don't stay up late, and my life is very regular. If the food intake is unbalanced, especially in the absence of vitamins, it will cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, constipation or diarrhea. If the feces stay in the intestines, it is the stool, abnormal fermentation occurs in the intestines, and a large amount of toxins are produced, which are absorbed by the intestinal wall and seriously affect the health.

2.Bee pollen plays an important role in children's growth and development

Pollen is the male-sperm of plants. After pollen is fertilized, it will grow to a germ hundreds of times as many as pollen grains in a short period of time. From this phenomenon, it can be known that pollen has the effect of promoting growth. Pollen contains "factors" that promote the growth of children, which can promote the development of brain cells and enhance the function of the central system. Especially effective.The active substances in pollen can improve and repair the dysfunction of the human body. It has a significant effect on malnutrition, indigestion, iron deficiency anemia and other diseases, especially for the growth and development of young children.

3.Bee pollen has miraculous effects on heart disease, high blood pressure

Pollen has miraculous effects on heart disease and high blood pressure. This is because pollen contains a complete variety of nutrient-rich components. Moreover, their proportions are balanced, very close to the various nutrients necessary for the human body. After eating pollen, it can reduce the accumulation of body fat, eliminate cholesterol in blood vessels, enhance blood vessel elasticity, enhance blood vessel tension, increase capillary endurance, normalize blood pressure, effectively prevent atherosclerosis, increase heart rate, shrink and slow down. to avoid myocardial infarction.

4.Bee pollen is effective for hepatitis patients

The liver is the most complex organ in the body, and it is responsible for the metabolism of the human body. It secretes bile, which can digest food fat and convert glucose into liver glycogen for storage. When the body needs it, it is converted into glucose into the blood and transported to all parts of the body. Once liver dysfunction occurs, liver disease, the most common of which is hepatitis infection, is serious and harmful to health.

Pollen is curative for hepatitis. Because the choline contained in pollen has a purifying effect on various organs in the body, it can protect the liver, strengthen liver function, and promote liver detoxification. In addition, pollen is also rich in vitamins, nucleic acids, hormones and many trace elements. These substances also contribute to improving the immune function of the body and enhancing the antibacterial ability of the liver.

5.Bee pollen can cure tonsillitis

Pollen is effective against tonsillitis. This is because pollen contains antibiotic substances, which have bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effects. Pollen is rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes, which can promote blood circulation, supplement nutrition, activate physiological functions, and play an important role in the repair and healing of lesions.

6.Bee pollen has a certain weight loss effect

Pollen has a certain weight loss effect. Pollen contains low fat and is vegetable fat. Eating pollen will make people eat less and lose weight properly. This is because pollen is rich in vitamins and many high-quality nutrients. Obese people will feel full after eating a small amount of pollen half an hour before each meal. Conversely, those who are too thin can eat pollen half an hour after meals to eliminate constipation and improve gastrointestinal function, so they can gain weight moderately.

7.Bee pollen Can Promote Hair Growth

Although no one can avoid this natural physiological phenomenon that people's body functions gradually decline, if they can maintain good health, pay attention to nutritional balance, and develop a tranquil state of mind, it will delay the occurrence of gray hair and hair loss. Early consumption of pollen and royal jelly can help prevent this aging phenomenon. Because pollen contains inositol, it has a good effect on promoting hair growth.

8.Regular consumption of bee pollen can improve the quality of sexual life

In order to maintain a strong physical strength, it is necessary to supplement proper nutrition and get enough rest to eliminate fatigue. The best way is to choose to eat natural food pollen. Because pollen is the male-sperm of plants, it contains natural hormones, which can stimulate and nourish the reproductive systems of men and women, and can directly promote sexual excitement, make husband and wife life harmonious and family happy.

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