Several application of beeswax


Face mask is a type of skin care product that can quickly improve the skin, its shelf life is generally longer, its ingredients add more chemicals, and its safety index is lower than that of masks made of beeswax as raw materials. Beeswax mask can be prepared by yourself, take 30mg onion juice, 30mg lily juice, 30g of beeswax and 30g of honey, pour into a ceramic bowl, heat in a microwave oven over low heat until the beeswax melts, melt and take out and stir well. In addition to its moisturizing effect, this beeswax mask also has a more significant effect on wrinkle fighting.

Scrubbing agent

Scrub is a daily necessity that generally acts as a moisturizer and exfoliator. In addition, beeswax, honey, walnuts, walnut shells, almonds and other materials can also achieve this effect. First, grind walnuts, almonds and walnut shells into powder, then add enough honey and melted beeswax to a very thick liquid, and finally store to a low temperature environment, and take it out when using. Honey and beeswax can play a good emollient effect, and the powdery substance can be rubbed to remove the skin keratin.

Application of beeswax in medicine

The application of beeswax in medicine has a long history, and it was first recorded in the "Shennong Materia Medica" that beeswax has multiple effects such as treating intermittent injuries and pus and blood. In addition, the Chinese Pharmacopoeia also records that it can be used for scalds, burns, ulcers, and also has the effects of pain relief, sores, and muscle building. With the development of science and technology, the use of beeswax in medical treatment has also been developed.

Hypolipidemic effect

Liu Fajin and Sun Dongmei found that tridosanol, triacanol and octacosanol in beeswax had a significant effect on increasing serum high-density lipoprotein and reducing LDL, cholesterol and triglycerides.

Treatment of acute ulcers

Some researchers found that the long-chain alkanol D-002 in beeswax has a good therapeutic effect on a variety of gastric ulcers caused by ethanol, aspirin and cold water stress, and then Xu Hongdan of Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine used mice to give alcohol to obtain acute ulcers proved that beeswax has a good therapeutic effect on acute ulcers.

Antiplatelet agglomeration and thrombosis

Studies have found that the combination of aspirin and long-chain fatty acids in beeswax can significantly prolong bleeding time, which in turn has antithrombosis and platelet aggregation effects.

Wax therapy

Beeswax is a convective substance with high heat capacity, good heat, no moisture and generally no heat, and the heat it carries disappears very slowly. Therefore, when people perform wax therapy, ensuring the thickness of wax therapy can play a role in heat preservation and preventing burns from excessive temperature.

Improves immunity

Xie Zhixun applied beeswax to vaccines in animal husbandry, which increased the duration of the immunization period in livestock. In addition, Zhu Junyan put forward the idea that enhancing immunity depends on the proliferation of thymus and spleen cells through experiments, although this is only a view he speculated based on experimental phenomena, but if this view can be confirmed later, and the components that play a role in beeswax can be isolated, it will bring great benefit to the treatment of human immune diseases.

Application of beeswax in food

At present, wax film is widely used in the cultivation of fruits. Applying wax to the surface of the fruit to form a transparent film can reduce the respiration of the fruit and solve the problem that the weight loss rate of the fruit drops too quickly due to the consumption of the respiratory substrate. Traditional wax is divided into industrial wax and edible wax, industrial wax mostly contains lead, mercury and other heavy metals that are extremely harmful to the human body, edible wax is also harmful to the human body in the case of higher content. In recent years, studies on beeswax in the direction of wax membranes have shown that the membrane made of beeswax not only ensures the safety of fruits, but also has a more significant preservation function for fruits. Zhao Kai et al. found that treating Taiwan jujube with a concentration of 2‰ beeswax coating agent has the best preservation effect, which can significantly reduce the respiration intensity and reduce the water loss of the fruit.

In addition to coating the surface of the fruit to form a wax film, beeswax is also an important edible film additive. On the one hand, beeswax is a pure natural substance, and on the other hand, it is due to its dense network of molecular structures and lipid polarity. The antiseptic effect of edible film with beeswax, food flavor preservation, and food texture protection are better.

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