Beehall Thousand People Conference jointly witnessed the birth of two industry standard


On the morning of February 28th, the leadership team of Beehall Group led Beehall employees and distributors representatives to jointly witness the release of two group standards, "Technical Specifications for Bee Wax Conditioning Operations" and "Technical Evaluation Standards for Bee Wax Conditioners", in Beijing.


This conference is hosted by the China Bee Products Association and undertook by Beijing Beehall. Representatives of Beijing Beehall Group's distributors from all over the country jointly participated in the witness.

Attending leaders and experts

Wang Lin, former Deputy Director of the Supervisory Board of the All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives

Chairman of the Chronic Disease Management Professional Committee of the China Association for the Promotion of Population and Culture

Former Vice Minister of Health of the Beijing Military Region, Shen Chengmin

President of China Bee Products Association

Yang Rong, Director of the National Bee Product Standardization Technical Committee

Zhou Bangyong, Vice Chairman of the China Health Association

Wu Wenzhong, President of Heilongjiang Red Cross (Forest Industry General) Hospital

Li Haiyan, Director of the Food and Nutrition Health Science Guidance Center of the Food and Nutrition Development Research Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

Medical experts from Beijing Hospital, Peking University People's Hospital, and Beijing Chaoyang Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Emergency Rescue Center attended the meeting.

Invited participating media

People's Daily, Farmers' Daily, Health Times, Xinhua News, China Economic Network, China Food News, China Market Regulation News, Life Times, China Science and Technology News, Sohu. com, China Daily, New Beijing News, and China Cooperation Times (ranked in no particular order).


The official release of two group standards, the "Technical Specifications for Beeswax Conditioning Operations" and the "Technical Evaluation Specifications for Beeswax Conditioners", marks the first time the industry has developed standards for the "Beeswax Conditioning" field, filling the gap in relevant standards in China's aforementioned fields, and may become an important driving force for the revitalization and innovative development of the beeswax industry.


As an explorer, developer, and practitioner of beeswax conditioning, Beijing Beehall is the initiator and formulator of two group standards, namely "Technical Specifications for Beeswax Conditioning Operation" and "Technical Evaluation Standards for Beeswax Conditioners". As the organizer of this two group standard press conference, it will actively and strictly follow these two standards in the future, and actively promote the training of beeswax conditioners within the enterprise and nationwide distributors, Promote the application of beeswax conditioning to better serve the health of Chinese people.


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