Origin story of Beeswax Moxibustion Therapy

Tupan Tsangpo Songtsen Gampo spent his life fighting in the East and West. In a war to quell a tribal rebellion, Songtsen Gampo was injured in the waist and could not fight on horseback. Due to the harsh conditions of the battlefield and the difficulty of medical treatment, he had to invite a local folk Tibetan doctor for treatment. At that time, many ministers were skeptical of the medical skills of the folk Tibetan doctor, but Songtsen Gampo not only did not object, but also trusted the folk Tibetan doctor very much. Seeing that Zamp had such confidence in him, the folk Tibetan doctor was very moved, so he boldly adopted the family secret beeswax moxibustion therapy to heal Songtsen Gampo.

He used clay, beeswax liquid, and plant moxa velvet to treat different lesions and heat moxibustion on them. The treatment by the folk Tibetan doctor shocked all the ministers present. Some of them even suspected that the Tibetan doctor had evil intentions and came to harm Zamp. However, an unexpected thing happened: Songtsan Gampo, who was treated with beeswax moxibustion, was sweating profusely, and felt that his whole body was smooth and blood was smooth, and the strength of his waist was quickly restored, and he could ride horses the next day.

Upon inquiry, the name of this folk Tibetan doctor was Luo Zhexining. Later, his miraculous experience also led to many conjectures among many Tibetans, among which the most widely circulated is: Zamp is a holy body protected by gods, so grass and beeswax can also appear on him. Therefore, Songtsan Gampo's status in the hearts of Tibetans is even higher. Finally, after more than four years of war, the local rebellion in which the ministers of the patriarchal and matriarchal lines colluded with their subordinates was quelled, and the murderer who poisoned the father and king was killed, Songtsen Gampo ruled Tibet.

In the fifteenth year of Zhenguan, Songtsan Gampo married Princess Wencheng, and began to absorb a lot of advanced production technology from Datang, traditional Chinese medicine and Central Plains culture. However, only half a year after Princess Wencheng entered Tibet, she contracted a strange disease. Since the princess grew up in a deep palace, she was always cared for from the plain to the plateau for the first time. It was difficult for her to adapt to the great changes in the geographical environment. In addition, the air was thin and the air pressure dropped, which made her mentally tired. The skin is increasingly losing its luster. Princess Wencheng suffered from loss of appetite, poor sleep, diarrhea, vomiting, and itchy skin. Not only did she lose her former beauty and nobility, but she also fell into depression.

Songtsan Gampo was very distressed when he saw his concubine in such pain. He called the imperial doctor in the palace several times for diagnosis and treatment, but it was always to no avail. When he was extremely distressed, he suddenly had an idea and thought of Luo Zhexining, the folk Tibetan doctor who had treated him and claimed to have ancestral secret recipes. In order for the concubine to recover as soon as possible, Songtsen Gampo did not want to miss any opportunity to recover the concubine, so he immediately ordered to find Luo Zhexining. However, this time, Luo Zhexining also brought a woman. Although this woman grew up in the folk, her skin is delicate and her complexion is rosy. Seeing this, the people around were inexplicable, and there was a lot of discussion in the palace.

It turned out that when Luo Zhexining received Wang Ling, he was very careful when he learned that he was going to diagnose and treat the king's beloved concubine. In order to prove his medical skills, he brought his wife, who had benefited for many years, into the palace. However, the diagnostic and treatment tools he used were still those colorful mud objects and some grass stems... Marvel! After several days of surgery and several days of recuperation, Princess Wencheng's condition is as good as ever, and her skin is tender and tender. So far, Songtsen Gampo not only rewarded Luo Zhexining, but also kept him in the court as a special imperial doctor for the king's family, and named Luo Zhexining's surgical therapy: "Holy Palace Potala Beeswax Moxibustion".

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