How to eat and use royal jelly?

In the previous article we mentioned that royal jelly has beauty benefits. So today we will learn together how to eat and use royal jelly properly.

Royal jelly is an ideal nutritional and beauty supplement. Its eat and use methods are mainly:

(1) EAT:

Royal jelly is best eaten on an empty stomach, which is conducive to the absorption of nutrients. Adults take 3-5g each time, take twice a day, sublingual administration is better. In addition, royal jelly should not be taken with boiling water, otherwise it will destroy its nutrition.

Because royal jelly has a unique sour, spicy and pungent odor, it is recommended that you can mix royal jelly with milk or honey and swallow it to reduce the pungent taste of royal jelly and help us absorb various nutrients more easily.

Royal jelly and milk can be eaten together, but try to avoid high temperature when eating, try not to exceed 40 ℃. Some friends like to drink warm milk, and it is not recommended to eat with royal jelly at this time. Because the nutrients in royal jelly are easily decomposed and destroyed at high temperature, its efficacy is greatly reduced.

After eating royal jelly, it can delay aging by adjusting the body's metabolism and strengthening the body's defense function against diseases. The beauty effect of royal jelly is most obvious on human appearance, the face and hair show youthful vitality, and it has irreplaceable beauty effects.

(2) Apply:

Wash your face first, apply a little royal jelly evenly on your face, and gently massage your face for 2 to 3 minutes. After 10 minutes, your face will start to feel tight; and after 20 minutes, it will be completely dry, touch it with your hands, and it will not feel sticky; then rinse with water, and then apply some skin cream. If it is a prepared beauty product, it is more convenient to use, just apply it directly and massage gently.

(3) Mask:

Apply royal jelly directly to the face as a mask, wash off with water after 30 minutes, the skin will feel obviously relaxed. If you used regularly, it can whiten the skin, reduce wrinkles, and remove freckles and age spots.

After consuming royal jelly, the appetite is obviously improved. Thus, some consumers have raised the question of whether they will gain weight.

First of all, we should look at the reasons for obesity. It cannot be denied that some obesity is caused by genetics, but most obese people have nothing to do with genetics. Because they eat much more fat than the body needs. Poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle is also the main cause of obesity.

Scientific research has also found that obesity is not entirely caused by excess nutrition. If the diet lacks certain nutrients that can convert fat into energy, body fat cannot be converted into energy and released, but can only gradually accumulate in the body, resulting in the formation of Nutritional Deficiency Obesity.

A study by nutritionists at Tokyo Metropolitan University in Japan found that taking royal jelly regularly can increase appetite, but because royal jelly contains comprehensive nutrients, it can not only provide rich raw materials for the growth and repair of body tissue cells, but also biologically active substances in royal jelly are beneficial to the body. The various physiological functions of the body have a good regulating effect, which can enhance the metabolism of the human body, especially the rich B vitamins can promote the conversion of body fat into energy.

Therefore, regular consumption of royal jelly will not only prevent obesity, but the body will become stronger and healthier.

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