How should bee pollen be stored?

Hello, everyone, I hope you are all well, today I will continue to share the knowledge of bee pollen with you, my friends, come and have a look. In the last article, we learned about different types of bee pollen, such as rape pollen, Corn pollen, Jujube pollen, etc., and also learned that different types of bee pollen have different effects. So many friends will ask me, how should bee pollen be eaten better? And how should bee pollen be stored? In this article today, I will share the storage methods of bee pollen.

The storage methods of bee pollen mainly include the following:

(1) Refrigerated storage. The bagged and sealed bee pollen is put into cold storage for storage, and the storage temperature is -1 ° C ~ 5 ° C, and the desired effect can be achieved. The effect of low temperature storage will be better. Put fresh bee pollen in a cold storage, refrigerator or low temperature freezer at -18°C ~ -20°C, it can be stored for several years without deterioration, and the effect is basically the same as that of fresh bee pollen just harvested.

(2) Store at room temperature. If there are no conditions and can only be stored at room temperature, bee pollen must be dried well. Before storage, spray 1kg of 95% ethanol for every 50kg of bee pollen, immediately seal it with a thicker plastic bag, and store it under well-ventilated dry conditions. Dry bee pollen can also be put into a sterilized colored glass bottle. The mouth is sealed with beeswax, and it can be stored for 6 to 12 months in the dark.  Bee pollen can also be packed in cloth bags, packed with 1 to 3 layers of plastic bags, and can be stored for 2 to 6 months.

(3) Deoxidizer storage. Oxygen scavenger is a new type of food preservative, which can remove the oxygen in the storage utensils or packaging bags of bee pollen, so that microorganisms cannot survive and move, so as to achieve the purpose of preservation.

(4) Store with added sugar. Sugar-added storage is to mix bee pollen and white sugar in a ratio of 2:1, put it in a container (iron bucket or porcelain jar) and pound it, then sprinkle a layer of white sugar with a thickness of about 10~15cm on the surface and cover it. It does not come into contact with the air and can be stored for 1 to 2 years at room temperature without deterioration.

To sum up, short-term storage of bee pollen must be dried and packaged, and long-term storage temperature must be below -5°C to keep the color, taste and composition of bee pollen unchanged. If stored at room temperature, the content of vitamins, flavonoids and amino acids in bee pollen will decrease to varying degrees with the extension of time.

Today, I shared with you the storage method of bee pollen. In the next article, we will introduce how to use bee pollen.

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