Eating Beauty - Bee Pollen

Bee pollen contains rich genetic substances, which can quickly eliminate fatigue, constipation, and limb soreness when consumed, nourish the skin, and enhance beauty. Bee pollen has long been officially designated as a health food for professional athletes in China by the National Sports Commission.

Bee pollen is a great beauty agent. It not only has hair growth, hair care, and skincare effects, treating facial diseases, but also has a weight loss effect. The rich B vitamins contained in bee pollen can convert fat into energy and release it, eliminate excess fat, and maintain a slim body.

Not only did Empress Wu Zetian in ancient China consume pollen all year round, but many renowned Chinese and foreign beauties also used bee pollen for beauty treatments, such as Empress Dowager Cixi, peerless beauties Xishi, Diao Chan, and Dong Xiaowan, and former US President Reagan's wife Nancy. Bee pollen series cosmetics have the effects of moisturizing the skin, removing wrinkles, and freckles.

Why does bee pollen have such magical effects?

Bee blossom powder is known as an "edible cosmetic" and contains various amino acids, active enzymes, SOD, pollen phospholipids, fatty acids and other beauty factors:

Amino acids can nourish the skin, making it moist and radiant;

Active enzymes have a bleaching effect on melanin in the skin, reducing the formation of freckles;

SOD and fatty acids can resist oxidation, nourish the skin, remove wrinkles and prevent wrinkles; Especially for chloasma and pigmented spots, it has a unique therapeutic effect;

Pollen phospholipids can enhance the permeability of skin cells, enhance skin metabolism, and make the skin full of elasticity;

Regulate symptoms such as endocrine disorders and insomnia, comprehensively regulate body functions, and achieve the effect of natural beauty both internally and externally.

No wonder Japanese beauty experts exclaim, "A hundred times in front of the dressing table is not as good as a bee pollen once". Bee pollen, let you to "eat" beauty!

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