Daxing Lixian Primary School Enters the Bee Kingdom Museum

In September of the golden autumn, the sky is high and the air is cool. The Beijing Bee Kingdom Museum welcomes all the teachers and students of the first grade of Lixian Primary School in Daxing District.


The big eyes are full of exploratory curiosity, and the small mind is baptized by knowledge. Under the leadership of the teacher at the Bee Kingdom Museum, this group of cute cute treasures explores the mysteries of the bee world from the origin of bees, understands the living habits of bees, and learns the spirit of diligence, unity, and selfless dedication of bees.

The Bee Kingdom Museum of the Beehall covers an area of 2000 square meters, showcasing the wonders of the bee world through the original ecology of mud, wood, bamboo, grass, and objects.

The teacher of the Bee Kingdom Museum explained to the elementary school students the origin of bees, Chinese beekeeping culture, classification of bees, how bees make honey, the story of the Bee Kingdom, the role of bees in crops, bee products, and human health, all of which amazed the group of elementary school students.


Especially when elementary school students see the scene of bees living in a transparent glass honeycomb, the big bee model simulates the dynamics and emits bursts of screams. They observe the life and behavioral characteristics of bees up close and eagerly find the queen bee. This feeling can only be experienced firsthand.

Bees are known as "matchmaker" and "the wings of agriculture". They pollinate and fertilize crops, promote the evolution and prosperity of plant groups, and provide abundant physical resources for humans. Bees have also contributed high-quality bee products to humanity, making them the most beloved insect among humans. May 20th of each year is designated as World Bee Day.

We believe that through this trip to the Bee Kingdom Museum, under the guidance of the teacher, students will definitely learn a lot of knowledge.


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