Celebrating the grand opening of Beijing Beehall Xing 'an Street store, Guang 'an, Sichuan

With the blooming of fireworks and vibrant atmosphere, Beijing Beehall Xing 'an Street store in Guang 'an City, Sichuan Province has unveiled its grand opening. Manager Yang Ting, the store’s head, confidently said: I firmly believe that Beijing Beehall Guang 'an Xing 'an Street branch will keep the pace of the headquarters, through the concerted effeorts of all staff members at Xing’an Street branch, we will provide excellent service to the elderly in Guang’an City while expanding and strengthening the Beijing Beehall brand as a prominent local business card.

Beijing Beehall Xing 'an Street store officially opened today, attracting a large crowd of customers. In order to provide consumers with a more immersive shopping experience, the new store ha also established on-site experiences such as beeswax foot film, honey water testing, and an opening ceremony. These activities allow local residents to truly fell the warmth of the Beehall brand and appreciate the unique health benefits of bee products. After drinking the sweet honey water and experiencing the soothing beeswax pedicure, they praised Beehall’s exceptional products and expressed their intention to exclusively seek out Beijing Beehall for all future bee products purchases. The unwavering commitment to providing top-notch beeswax pedicures underscores the paramount importance of foot care.

Since its establishment in 2003, Beijing Beehall has expanded its stores nationwide after nearly two decades of development. The Beijing Beehall’s monopoly in the Sichuan market has made extraordinary achievements, earning deep affection from Sichuan consumers and becoming the first choice for nourishing and healthy bee products brand, Over the past 20 years, Beehall consistently adhered to its shop motto of "dignified life, solid work", always upholding that "product is character, ineffective is garbage".

The opening of Beehall Xing’an Street store in Guang’an City marks another significant milestone on the career path of Beehall Sichuan. In the future, Beijing Beehall will adhere to the original intention and uphold excellence by providing high-quality products and services. We aim to offer every Sichuan resident who value health and taste with premium bee products and beeswax conditioning, leading more people towards a life of quality living and healthcare.

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