Can eating royal jelly fight aging and prolong life?

People always want to live a long and healthy life. Firstly, they can realize their ideals in life; secondly, they can complete family tasks; thirdly, they can enjoy more time of life.

In this way, people want to live a long and healthy life, this is not selfish, it is human nature. So if people want to live longer without aging, it depends on the following indicators:

There are many explanations for the occurrence of aging in the current academic circles, among which the activity of mono-amine oxidase (MAQ) in the brain, the activity of super-oxide dismutase (SOD) in red blood cells, the content of myocardial liposuction, lipid per-oxidase ( The content of LPO) is several important indicators to evaluate the aging phenomenon.

Nutritional balance is one of the most important factors in maintaining human health and longevity. Royal jelly can not only supplement the necessary nutrients for the human body, but also ingeniously combine with each other to regulate the body's physiological functions and material metabolism, enhance immunity, and prevent and treat a variety of geriatric diseases, thus playing a role in fitness, disease treatment, anti-aging and longevity.

Luo Changhua et al. (1989), Bee Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, tested royal jelly according to the four important indicators mentioned above. The results showed that after taking active royal jelly for 45 days, the activity of mono-amine oxidase in the brain of the tested mice decreased by 40.1%, the myocardial lipofuscin decreased by 43.8%, the lipid peroxide decreased by 11%, and the activity of super-oxide dismutase increased by 22.3% . These results suggest that taking active royal jelly has a good anti-aging function.

Zou Jingbang, Zhou Guangyu et al. (2000), School of Public Health, Hunan Medical University, made an experiment with adult mice. Rats were given fresh royal jelly continuously every day. On day 22, blood was taken from the femoral artery of the mice for testing. The results showed that royal jelly could reduce the heart lipofuscin content by 18.48%, brain lipofuscin content by 23.46%, brain MAO activity by 33.33%, serum MDA content by 10.35%, and increase serum SOD activity by 21.72%. Therefore, royal jelly has a good anti-aging effect.

Japan is known as the country of longevity. Since 1985, the average life expectancy of Japanese women has been ranked first in the world. In 2002, the average life expectancy of Japanese women was 85.2 years. In 2003, it further increased to 85.3 years, setting a record and ranking first in the world for the 19th consecutive year. The average life expectancy of Japanese men in 2003 was 78.3 years, ranking third in the world, Behind only Iceland and Hong Kong.

There are many reasons for the longevity of Japanese people, but royal jelly has been favored by Japanese consumers since the 1960s, and Japan has become the country that consumes the most royal jelly per capita in the world today. Royal jelly plays an undeniable role in anti-aging and prolonging life. As a professor at Tamagawa University said: "For more than 30 years, the Japanese have increased their height and extended their lifespan, which has benefited from royal jelly." Therefore, it is not a rumor that royal jelly is a longevity factor.

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