Beijing Beehall dominates the health food exhibition at Shanghai NAtional Convention and Exhibition Center

From June 19 to 21, Lulu, the general manager of Beijing BEEHALL’s Foreign Trade Department, and her team made a strong impression at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, creating a significant impact in this large-scale health food exhibition. Participants from both domestic and international markets have halted, consulted, and signed contracts, setting the trend in popularity, leaving other exhibitors in awe!


The extremely great strength has garnered significant attention

Eye-catching colors, exquisite design patterns, unique architectural modeling, professional staff and high-quality bee products all contribute to the highlights of this exhibition. As for the brand confidence, visitors are left with a refreshing impression.

Compared with other health products, bee products have a reputation for promoting health that spans thousands of years. With its rich heritage and natural green properties, it has an obvious effect on consumers without the need for excessive advertising. These characteristics deeply attract the attention of consumers and project staff alike, contributing to its success.


From Thailand to Shanghai and directly to Beijing

A thousand-mile journey to meet is manifestation of fate and an opportunity. The Beehall brand’s power, strength and confidence are embodied in the fact that Thai exhibitors can follow up with a visit to Shanghai, gain new insights, fly from there to Beijing, visit the headquarters of Beehall and ultimately sign overseas stores. Such persistent customers are a testament to the brand’s attraction. It is safe to say that this exhibition has attracted many people. Who else could match such appeal? This is the power of the Beehall brand, the embodiment of strength and instilling confidence!


The power of a 20-year brand, forging a prosperous future together

Spending 20 years of focusing on a single objective, cultivating bee products and distributing them throughout the country. Finally, out products have reached over 76 countries worldwide.

In 2023, Beehall will approach the market with a more open-minded and confident pace, actively seeking to expand its presence both domestically and internationally. Like the rising sun, Beehall will shine on every corner of the world. Hoping that all those who are interested in the health and the bee product industry will collaborate to enhance the Beehall brand thereby contributing to human health.

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