Application of bee pollen in health care

Hello, everyone, today we will continue to learn the application of bee pollen. The last article mainly explained the application of bee pollen in beauty and the method of using bee pollen for beauty. So today I will take you to learn the application of bee pollen in health care.

1.Strengthen the body and brain

Pollen is the male gamete composed of plant-sperm-cells and vegetative cells, and is the source of plant life and the essence of life. It not only carries the genetic information of life, but also contains various nutrients needed to breed new life and enzyme sources and hormones required for various stages of plant growth and development, so people call it a complete nutrient source.

The nutritional components of bee pollen have the following characteristics: (1)Perfect nutrient components; (2) Rich in content; (3) Actively absorbed and utilized by the human body.

The effect of bee pollen on the nervous system is to provide rich nutrients for the development and physiological activities of brain cells, promote the growth of brain cells, enhance the function of the central nervous system and regulate the balance, so that the brain maintains vigorous vitality.

Practice has proved that eating pollen can enhance physical strength, endurance and explosive power, quickly eliminate fatigue and maintain a good competitive state. Some athletes have also achieved better athletic performance by taking pollen.Natural food bee pollen and honey can provide macro and trace elements required for exercise, plum and bioactive substances that play an important role in energy recovery after exercise, are the best sports food.

2. H.B., an academician of the former Soviet Academy of Sciences and a famous biologist, surveyed more than 200 male elderly people over the age of 100 in the Gaocaso region and found that most of these elderly people are beekeepers and have the habit of eating pollen for a long time.

Consuming bee pollen, first of all, stimulates neurons in the hypothalamus to rejuvenate nervous tissue that is already fatigued or in decline, thereby delaying aging.

Secondly, bee pollen can promote the growth of the thymus gland, increase T lymphocytes and macrophages, improve the immune function of the body, and resist disease and aging.

Third, bee pollen contains trace elements selenium, vitamin E, vitamin C, β-carotene, SOD and other active ingredients. These substances are anti-oxidant, can remove free radicals generated by the body's metabolism, delay skin aging and lipofuscin. Pigmentation, the alcohol extract of bee pollen also acts against lipid peroxidation.

Fourth, bee pollen also makes people strong by affecting the metabolism of the body, and the proteins and nucleic acids in it are also substances that delay aging.

3. Eating bee pollen can not only stimulate the thymus to increase secretion, increase the number and function of T lymphocytes and macrophages, but also increase the level of human serum immunoglobulin, enhance the phagocytosis of macrophages, and neutralize toxins. function, thereby preventing the occurrence of diseases and tumors. The anticancer effect of bee pollen is mainly achieved by enhancing the immune function of the body.

This article is about the application of bee pollen in health care, including: strengthening the body and brain, delaying aging, and improving immunity, mainly these three effects.

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