A two-way regulatory effect of royal jelly

Royal jelly is rich in nutrients and has high nutritional value. Royal jelly is suitable for a wide range of people, and many people know that royal jelly has a good effect on blood pressure and blood lipids. So today we will talk specifically about the effect of royal jelly on blood pressure and blood lipids.

Hyperlipidemia mainly refers to the excessive content of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, exceeding normal levels, which is the result of abnormal lipid metabolism. It is caused by both congenital causes and external causes such as diet. Thickening of the endovascular lining caused by hyperlipidemia is generally considered to be a direct factor in arteriosclerosis.

Animal experiments and clinical studies have confirmed that royal jelly is a naturally effective medicine that lowers cholesterol and prevents arteriosclerosis. As early as the 1970s, Cornejo and Carli have proved that royal jelly has a preventive effect on arteriosclerosis and high blood lipids.

The researchers injected the rabbit with royal jelly (10-15 mg/kg body weight) while feeding the rabbit a long period of high-cholesterol feed. The results of the study proved that royal jelly can reduce the total blood lipid and cholesterol content. Researchers such as Xu Ningsheng of Beijing Medical College also proved that taking royal jelly lyophilized powder has a significantly reduced effect on triglycerides in mice in experiments on mice.

Mix royal jelly with cooked honey in proportions (1:10) and take 1 tablespoon 1 to 2 times daily for 2 to 4 weeks. This can effectively reduce the triglycerides and cholesterol in the human blood, so as to achieve the effect of preventing and alleviating arteriosclerosis. Many experimental results have proved that royal jelly can reduce blood lipids.

Everyone knows that royal jelly can not only control high blood lipids and high blood pressure. But what are the benefits of royal jelly for people with low blood pressure?

Hypotension, which refers to systolic blood pressure of less than 90 mm Hg (12 kPa) and diastolic blood pressure of less than 60 mm Hg (8 kPa) in adults' upper arms; Systolic blood pressure is less than 100 mmHg (13.3 kPa) in older adults and diastolic blood pressure is less than 70 mmHg (9.3 kPa). Hypotension can be divided into acute and chronic, acute hypotension is mostly secondary, secondary to other serious diseases such as myocardial infarction, stroke, diarrhea, heavy bleeding, etc.; Severe pain or excessive dehydration may also cause hypotension or even fainting or shock. Hypotension is generally referred to as chronic persistent hypotension, with an incidence of 4% and up to 10% in the elderly population. Chronic hypotension can generally be divided into three categories: constitutional hypotension, orthostatic hypotension, and secondary hypotension.

Clinical practice at home and abroad shows that royal jelly has a two-way regulatory effect on blood pressure, it can not only increase blood pressure, but also reduce blood pressure, have a blood pressure and antihypertensive effect, and always adjust the blood pressure to the normal range. Therefore, royal jelly has a good effect on patients with low blood pressure.

One woman had low blood pressure due to anemia, and after taking royal jelly for 1 month, her blood pressure returned to normal. But then she stopped taking royal jelly for 1 month, and then she had low blood pressure and pale face, so she took royal jelly again, and in less than half a month, all the symptoms disappeared, and her face was rosy.

Royal jelly is a natural food that can be consumed without any processing. However, the taste of royal jelly is not very delicious, the dosage is difficult to grasp, and it is inconvenient to take. And royal jelly needs to be frozen, and under normal temperature conditions, the active substances of royal jelly are difficult to preserve. Only through scientific processing or cryopreservation can we make better use of the active ingredients of royal jelly, and its value can be better exerted.

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